What kind of organisation is WAP ?

What kind of organisation is WAP ?

We are experimenting a new kind of organization, called WAP. At the core, we question the purpose of a company in itself.

A community of autonomous individuals

Since we started WAP, we have met people who felt driven by the same mission and values, and so wanted to work for us. Soon, they expected WAP to pay them.
The thing is that, WAP, as a very young organization, was not ready to hire or employ anyone in the core team, and especially not people who don’t have the skills we need first (financial or technical).
However, we can help WAP enthusiasts to earn their living while WAPing, before WAP gets big enough to hire massively :)

Do not expect from the others, allow everything from you

In other words, people who work with WAP are not transferring all the responsibility for remuneration on WAP, but also on themselves. With a strong entrepreneurial mindset, they proactively find or create their job function within the WAP community. We provide process training, guidance, network, references, community, name ...

We are a community of autonomous individuals collaborating on the same business, driven by the same vision about learning. All members are free and responsible to undertake any action by themselves - not their superiors or procedures - decided as the best according their vision and the organizations.

Experimenting as an organization

It is difficult to precisely describe what and who we are. Still, one thing is certain : we are flexible, organic, decentralized. The only stable and constant is that we are questioning, experimenting and driven by learning constantly, all life long. We don’t want be burdened by hierarchy and top down structure. We are born to bring something new to the world.

We are what we sell

At WAP, we are trying to create a community, where each of us take responsibility of their learning, can grow on their strength and develop the skills that matter for them and the group. We have synthesized our way of learning and working through a design process in 6 steps. This methodology has been designed after experimenting peer learning with hundreds of groups. What works for us can work for other. Most of our team members are facilitators, meaning they can help other groups go through the process, which is very specific.
We share our work with organisations of any kind willing to facilitate knowledge sharing. Today, our clients range industry to education, to services, and consumer goods. Our methodologies benefit them in terms of personal change, career orientation, training, organizational change.

Freedom may imply pressure

"What who give light must endure the burning" - Victor Frankl. Taking full responsibility of one's job is exhilarated but may be a lot of pressure, at start. We target individuals with hunger for questioning their beliefs and feel uncomfortable, and educating the others about their choices. For these reasons, working in this kind of organization can be disturbing ... and extremely exciting :)

It is a question of choice. The choice of “Trying and see how it feels”

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