We are the Bâtisseurs

During one of the WikiStage peer coaching groups I organized, I had the chance to meet Manuella Hachet. Her incredible lifestory made her become specialized in education for addiction & talents & giftedness. Watch her WikiTalk..

Together, we have started "We are the Batisseurs", a 3 month evening program dedicated to a group of kids with learning disabilities within a special school, where i was working as director of studies with a French startup called Parkours.

This program is inspired from Design For Change, the largest global movement of Children driving change in their own communities by unleashing their 'I CAN' superpower. :):)

Once a week in a period of 6 months, Childrens follows a simple 4-step design process of Feel-Imagine-Do-Share to identify a problem in their community and address the issue. By doing, children believes that Children are not
helpless, change is possible and they can drive it.


The team is composed by Cyril, Guillaume, Laélien, Hugo and Yaelle from Cerene, They attend school at Cerene, primary school and college and Reference Center for Neuropsychological Assessment of the Child.*


Our project consists in enabling each of the participant to express their own talents through a project they choose.

Cyril Bouis very touched, wrote
"We should never stop doing projects ! We're all different, nothing is impossible, everything is possible. Stand up, speak up if we let our world in this condition, we will always stay as failures. I think nobody wants the next civilization to see our dried carcasses. We need to be strong.

The earth is not ours. Humans are animals, nothing more, we are destroying our place of living and the one of majestic animals. They have known the world before us, they are fighting to survive but still we fight each others to kill or destroy their lives"

We decided to organize a positive manifestation to fight against food waste. We are associated with a movement called DiscoSoupe that will provides us toolkits, cooking ustencils, communication and community support.

We came up with this very powerful team: an awarded chef, a nominated actor, a crew captain, a facilitator, a video reporter. Through the program, each of them are expressing their talents and interests in cooking, theater, group management or animation.

The event will happen on July 16th from 18h to 22h (place not defined yet).

Here is the testimonials from one of the parents :
"Thank you millions for your dedication and the feelings of the childs who make this project come alive. Guillaume is 200% involved."

*The Reference Center and the CERENE School, primary school and college, welcome children with learning disabilities such as dyslexia, developmental dyspraxia, specific language impairment, spelling impairment, dyscalculia, attention deficit disorders with or without hyperactivity, giftedness.

Here is a the video I have realized to impulse classrooms to participate in "Batisseurs de Possibles".