Or, you can take a pill

Or, you can take a pill

We don't want to feel pain. That is universal.

"We have so many distractions in our lives that so many of us are depressed without even knowing it ... and we can use everything as a distraction from ourselves.

I can work too much, I can just turn on this fucking screen and watch video games or download porn, or fall in love and before it gets too far, I can go to another person, I can make more money, have more power over you because you are easy to manipulate, I can deal drugs illegally, I can drink too much ...

They are all sorts of behaviors and substances that are socially sanctioned and even considered positive. But over all, if it is distracting me from myself, from something truly more important, then it is problematic.
We don’t have opportunities for self-reflection, to do all the important work each one of us have to do no matter where their lives are. If we are depressed, they are many things we need to deal with. If we haven’t, it means it is difficult.

Or we can take pills, and then take pills again, again, and again.


And then, we will be dead. And we have taken away the opportunities that we have to do something more worthwhile with our lives and remove the pain. That’s choice. That is not the one I have done. Its up to each of us to make those choices. I think it is worth the work.

It's not about ups and downs. It is not about feeling great or horrible. It feels awesome just to be feeling all of it. It's about being, it's about living.

Or, you can take a pill."

This text is an extract from a conversation with Mitch Altman, on June 23rd 2015 in San Francisco. Thank you so much for his vibrant testimonial.