How to live map your life ?

How to live map your life ?

The purpose of lifemapping is to orientate your life in the direction you want using the techniques of the mind mapping.

The interesting thing is to draw spontaneously, without thinking too much. This way we call it live mapping. Each lifemap is a form of artwork which can be created in open spaces with others.

Improvising doesn't mean you don't have a structure in mind.

Vidéo by Led By Her

Lifemapping has great outcomes considering your ability to project yourself in the future without sacrifying the present.

  • Orientate your actions in the right direction
  • Visually represent your future actions
  • Think creatively to your actions
  • Define the orientation of personal and professional projects

1) Define the lifetime of your map

A lifemap is usually defined for a period of 6 months. You are gonna project yourself in the future 6 months.

2) Define your first branches

We suggest you to find 4 categories for organizing your map.
The best categories are the ones that fits to what is important to you AND your mental/physical/emotional health. Here are some examples about first branches

  • Work/Business
  • Social Life
  • Body/health
  • Personal development

Then you can decide about subcategories.

3) Identify future actions

For each category you have set, you can choose an associated actions or habit.

In a mind map, ideas always evolves from the center to the peripheral (subject at the center, principal ideas in 1st branches, secondary-related ideas in stems). An action is a pragmatic and concrete operation that you do to reach your objective. You can also mention the tool you use to do it.

For example, in the physical "category", I have the following 3 subsections : sports/nutrition/health. The associated actions could be to register for running competition in different countries before 06/06/2015. An other action would be abdominal training for 15 minutes everyday.

4) Draw your lifemap

At least, you are ready to draw your lifemap. Let's create your unique piece of art !

  • Visual
  • Colorful
  • At your image

5) Give life to your lifemap !

You can use colors, stickers, brushes, anything that can make you creative. Delete, add, color, merge, cross, GIVE LIFE.

Lifemapping in a size of a flower Lifemap session at Prometheus education

6) Share with peers

Acting with intention is half the road to your objective. Sharing is another quarter. We suggest you to find a mentor/peer with whom you will challenge your future actions. This person will be the gatekeeper.

This method has been intiated by me and my friend Hadrien Glasel and experimented in various communities such as On Top of Hills; community of people who wants to lead their life, WEWARN; young change-makers.

We have lead dozens of life-mapping sessions, individually or in groups. And many people have told us that it had a great impact on their life, such has more productivity, or more vision.

We can run individual or collective sessions in schools/companies and various organizations. Contact us.