Do you wanna climb On Top of Hills ?

Do you wanna climb On Top of Hills ?

On Top of Hills is a community of people who are ready and willing to build their path instead of following the one suggested to them.

Why ?
Too often, we listen about what others expect from us and not our inner self. There are many reasons for that

  • We usually seek energy, freedom, answers outside of us whereas it is inside of all of us
  • We fear the unknown so we are afraid to move from a situation that does not satisfy us
  • We take no time to think about our life objectives
  • We think it is crazy and dangerous to show who we really are to the others
  • We undergo the negative information spread by the media whereas we could nourrish our minds with inspiring and intelligent stuffs

On Top of Hills aims to create a community that gives confidence to people to seek themselves.

We organize self-organized week-ends in which every participant is invited to express a part of themselves with the community. Each participant shares his/her talent with others during a 1H30 workshop in which everyone is welcome to bring their contribution in an open and energizing atmosphere.

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From now, we have organized five week-ends all around France :
In Switzerland,Lauenen (August 2014)
In Creuse, center of France, La Louisiere ()ctober 2014)
In Rennes, La Gasselinais (December 2015)
In Normandie, La Gueroulde (February 2015)
In Paris, at the occasion of WARN (Mai 2015)

We aim to build an open source database of creative workshops.